BTC Buccaneer – Rules

Be a Buccaneer and Boost your Bitcoin Earnings!
Invest your Game Tokens earned into Pirate Ships to Gain Naval Power that will Earn you a Part of the Site’s Treasure! (10% of the site’s overall offerwall earnings will be distributed to Buccaneers!)
All Pirate Ships Purchased are Fully Refundable + Bonus Earnings! Your money will be returned to your in equal size increments over 50 days!
Each day you will get Bonus GameTokens based on your Naval Power (NP)! Your bonus earnings will be determined proportionally by comparing your Naval Power to the cumulative Naval Power of all Buccaneers.

How much Bonus Game Tokens will I earn? It all depends on your share of the treasure. If 100 people each earn 10,000 GTs ($1) on the site, $10 of this $100 will go to the pool of Buccaneer Treasure (Game Tokens). Now not all 100 earners will choose to be Buccaneers. If 20 of the 100 become Buccaneers and have an equal share of the treasure, each will share an additional $0.50. This is a 50% boost in your earnings!
Keep your Naval Power (NP) growing to win a bigger share of the pool!

Ships Available to Purchase:
Sloops – 1000 Game Tokens for 10 Naval Power.
Schooner – 5000 Game Tokens for 55 NP!
Galley – 10,000 GTs for 115 NP!
Brigantines – 40,000 GTs for 480 NP!
Galleon – 100,000 — This will gain you 1200 NP!

Double your NP by Being Active / Loyal / Recruiting Buccaneers!
25% of boost – Boost increases per day visiting site up to 100 days.
25% of boost – Boost increases for each offer done per day (midnight UTC) up to 20 offers.
25% of boost – Boost increases per site referral up to 250
25% of boost – Boost increases for Game Tokens earned up to 50,000 per day.

A pirate’s life is brutal and your ships will be lost at sea, destroyed in battle, etc.
At the end of each day, each of your ship types will lose 2% of their usability.
They will still contribute to Naval Power unless their value falls below a certain threshold.
Strategically allocate your resources to achieve the most Naval Power for the longest duration!