Offerwall – Tap Research

Requirements To Unlock and Terms of Use

To help minimize fraudulent behavior, we have several guidelines for doing Tap Research Surveys:

  1. Tap Research is only accessible for users with at least 10,000 GTs ($1.00) in offerwall earnings. 
    You can find your Offerwall Earnings under Earnings Balances.
  2. You will only be allowed to use one IP address per 24 hour period on Tap Reseach. This resets at midnight UTC time. We will block you from accessing Tap Research if your IP has changed in a 24 hour period.
  3.  Once you begin a survey session, if your IP address changes, then your surveys will be invalid and not credited, so make sure you are using a reliable, stable location to do surveys. 
  4. Do not use a VPN or Proxy or any way of masking your IP.

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