Daily Sweepstakes!

Currently inactive until site has a significant user base per day.

Prize pool is 10,000 Prize Tickets + 5 Prize Tickets for every eligible entry.
5 winners will be chosen each day based on all eligible entries.

Correct Picks Prize No. of Winners
First drawn winner 2,002 1
Draw no. 2 2,002 1
Draw no. 3 2,002 1
Draw no. 4 2,002 1
Draw no. 5 2,002 1

Only 5 prize tickets to enter! No limit on the amount of entries per person, but no purchase necessary or allowed. Doing offers will not increase your chance of winning. 

– Sweepstakes winners will be drawn daily at midnight UTC!
– A participant can win multiple prizes from one drawing.
– Prizes will be credited to your account instantly.

Could not find lottery.

Draw Date Winner
#87 April 2, 2020 11:33 pm
  1. No winner for this draw