Starcoins Review

1. Payment: Site pays in BitCoin, XPM, LTC, DOGE, or ZEC to a FaucetHub wallet when you earn at least 425 "Dark Matter (DM)". Currently, 425 DM = 250 BTC Satoshis, but this figure has adjusted in the past based on the BTC rate. To find where to withdraw, one will need to click on Merchant then Export.
2. Faucet: There is no easy to find faucet. However, there are slots with free spins. You can claim 3 free spins every 2 hours and get more free spins if you complete offers (Click on Bonus then Space Slots). You can win 0 DM up to 10,000 DM (6,667 satoshis). Also, the "Jobs" link is basically a faucet. You just need some resources to run it, which you can get for free from the resource link. There are many time options to be rewarded various amounts of DM up to 100. There also is an hourly rain, where one has to be active on the site to claim.
3. Game(s): The main game of the site is having a star ship that one levels up by battles against other site users. You can upgrade your star ship using your resources too. You can battle every 9 minutes and can attack others 20 times in a day. You can be attacked every 3 minutes. You earn varying amounts of DM from these battles (mostly small amounts at first 10-20 satoshis). (See Screenshots 2 and 3 below).
4. Other Earning: The site pays out pretty well for its offer walls, but does not have a ton of selection (screenshot 4). They also have shortlinks and an internal PTC wall. Referrals earn 10% bonus on all offer walls and 25% on all jobs / shortlinks. With enough activity, one can invest in a Dark Matter Reactor, which is like an autofaucet. However, one has to log on and renew it every 24 hours for 30 days. If you miss a day, you lose some of your reward. A dark matter reactor has a return of 110% to 150% in 30 days. They come in varying sizes up to 25,000 DM (about 17,000 Satoshis) initial investment. The biggest negative of the website is difficulty navigating and annoying popups.


Site Payout:
BTC to FaucetHub - 425 Dark Matter =
250 BTC satoshis minimum.
(Also, LTC, DOGE, XPM, ZEC options)
Guide to Earning:
Game Guide Website
Another Great Guide
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