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Loyalty System and Faucet Revamp (May 26, 2020):

Faucet Changes – Faucet is now an hourly faucet. Each claim will however cost a loyalty point. A Jackpot of 1,000,000 Prize Tickets is now in play and all claims are at least 50 Prize Tickets = 12.5 GTs. One can still boost their faucet claims up to 100% if they have at least 100 Loyalty Points.

Loyalty Points – Every 24 hour period a user that merely signs in will receive 3 free loyalty points (LPs) to use for Faucet (1 LP per hour) or Pacman (3 LP per day) or hoard (hodl) with opportunity to earn more. Loyalty points are now no longer be capped at 100.

Earn additional LPs – A user will earn an additional loyalty point for every 500 GTs in offer earnings they complete with a maximum loyalty cap currently at 1000 LPs!

Benefits of Getting Loyalty Points:

  • Allows FaucetGamers to have an hourly faucet that is one of the highest paying around
  • Boost faucet claims up to 100% if a user has at least 100 Loyalty Points
  • Offer loyalty boost up to 10% calculated by your loyalty points divided by 10.
  • Pacman play now earns a max of 200 GTs per day for redeeming 3 loyalty points.
  • Loyalty points most likely will be the currency for which one will participate in the passive future planned game.

Losing Loyalty Points: Users that do not complete at least one offer per server day (UTC timezone) or Hideout TV video redemption will lose 10 of their loyalty points.