Top Score Contest Official Rules

  1. A user must be one of the all time top 10 scores submitted on our site for a particular game.
  2. After a user achieves a high score, the user must type his FaucetGamers username followed by “FG” after their username when asked to submit a high score in the public high score table.
    Example:  MrBrightsideFG
  3. A user must also manually submit through the form located below the game and manually type in  their high score number. It must match the high score number in the public high score table.
  4.  Users may receive at most 1 prize per game per month. The highest score submitted by a user in the week will count. All other submissions will be discarded. 
  5.  Users already on the top 10 list can submit scores only if they beat their current one AND new scores are higher ranked on the leaderboard. 

All score submissions are manually reviewed weekly (typically Saturday or Sunday). If you have followed the above rules, you will be credited then. Your Game Tokens will be added an can be viewed in your activity log

Fraudulent or spam scores may result in a permanent ban from the site. 

1st Place – 5,000 GTs
2nd Place – 4,000 GTs
3rd Place – 3,500 GTs
4th Place – 3,000 GTs
5th Place – 2,500 GTs
6th Place – 2,000 GTs
7th Place – 1,500 GTs
8th Place – 1,000 GTs
9th Place – 750 GTs
10th Place – 500 GTs

These rules are subject to change and were last updated December 30, 2020.
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