Top Score Contest Official Rules

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These rules are subject to change and were last updated June 21, 2020:

  • After a game is featured for two weeks, it then becomes eligible to be played for prizes if someone beats our sites historic “Top Scores”.
  • To be eligible for a prize, must meet the following criteria:
    • A user must be one of the top 5 scores submitted on our site for all time.
    • After a user achieves a high score, the user must type his FaucetGamers username followed by “FG” after their username when asked to submit a high score in the public high score table.
      Example:  MrBrightsideFG
    • A user must also manually submit through the form located below the game their high score number. It should match the high score number in the public high score table.
  • High scores will be manually reviewed and added to our sites high score list if approved within 72 hours.  
  • A maximum of three prizes will be awarded per person per game. For the second prize award, the user must beat their previous high score and rank at least one rank higher on the top score list. For a third prize award, it must be a new number one top score.  
  • Those previously on the high score list for when the game was featured are still eligible to claim additional prizes provided their new high score beats their current one on our list and is in the top 5.


1st Place – 2,500 GTs
2nd Place – 2,000 GTs
3rd Place – 1,500 GTs
4th Place – 1,250 GTs
5th Place – 1,000 GTs