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Daily Loyalty Requirement

Green light – Your LPs are safe for today.
Red light – Up to 10 LPs will be lost.
Do any offer to make the light green!

Your Current Stats

Description:Your Amount:Terms:
Offerwall Loyalty Bonus0%max 10% (200 LPs = 10%)
Faucet Loyalty Bonus0%max 100% (200 LPs)
Referrals TotalSee Referral Page
Referral Earnings: GTs
Yearly Withdrawal Total: GTs/GCs$0.00 USD

Bonus Challenges

Tier 1 challenges require at least 10 LPs to claim.
Red light – Earn more LPs to unlock bonuses.
Within one server day, complete 4 offers over 2500 GTs (claim once per day)400 GTs0 of 4 N/A
Do 10 offers that are at least 10,000 GTs (no time limit)3000 GTs0 of 10 N/A
Complete at least one “Your Surveys” survey 7 days in a row1500 GTs0 of 7N/A
Play some Pacman for 10 days in a row (cost 3 LPs per game)200 GTs0 of 10N/A
Claim at least once from the faucet for 30 days in a row300 GTs0 of 30N/A

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