Earn with Crypto Exchanges / Wallets

For those new to the crypto world, a wallet is similar to a bank account for Crypto. There are many Crypto wallets out there. Some allow you to store your crypto on hardware, others are software, and there are many exchanges. Hardware and software are generally thought of as more secure, since they allow your cryptocurrencies to only be accessed by your own “Private Keys”. However, there are trustworthy exchanges, which many use as wallets to store their crypto.  These exchanges offer many perks including great interest rates and free transfers. Invest at your own risk, but FaucetGamers recommends you to try any of these sites:


Do KYC and Deposit $100 with Nexo to get a limited time $25 BTC bonus!

Reasons to Choose NEXO
  • Earn up to 8% APY interest on Crypto coins and 12% on Stablecoins!
  • Over 26 different coins to earn with! 
  • Exchange with incredibly low fees
  • Insurance on your deposit. Claims to be safer than your bank!
  • Borrow money with crypto as collateral.
  • Cover ALL fees on withdrawals (so many per month). Great for sending ETH and ERC-20 Tokens!


Stakecube Tutorial Video
Reasons to Choose Stakecube
  • Zero withdrawal and deposit fees on most coins.
  •  7.5% AYP interest on BTC, LTC, DOGE, and DASH account balances.
  • Exchange with incredibly low fees between 50+ supported cryptocurrencies.
  •  Stake coins and purchase masternodes.
  • Great referral program, earn part of your referrals interest!

Celsius Wallet App

Reasons to Use Celsius Network App
  • $90 basically free dollars if you deposit $400 in any crypto (including stable coins and hold for 30 days, you can earn $50 in BTC .
  • Great App with some of the best interest rates on many different cryptocurrencies. See list here.
  • Allows you to get low interest loans in fiat currency in exchange for cryptocurrency collateral
  • Supports many coins and stable coins
  • Earn bonus interest for using the CEL token
  • No fees on anything! Withdrawals, deposits, etc.
  • Excellent TrustPilot score and insured $100 million in cold wallets with BitGo.


Reasons to Choose Coinbase
  • Founded in 2012 with 35+ million users
  • Supported in over 100 Countries. See List.
  • The largest, most trusted US online wallet
  • Link your bank account and exchange to fiat. This process is easy and secure.
  • Learn about new cryptos and earn for free!
Coinbase - Learn to Learn
  • Earn up to $155+ in various crypto for learning
  • Learning is done by short video clips and quizzes related to them
  • Cryptos earned can be exchanged instantly for BTC or USD
  • Current coins available: BAT, ZRX, ZEC, XLM, EOS, XTZ, DAI, COMP, OXT