Crypto Idle Miner Game

1. Payment: The makers of Crypto Idle Miner game created their own Token, the HORA. It is awarded weekly based on game performance and ranking. It is currently being traded on any exchange that supports TRON cryptocurrency. It is also on FaucetHub, but you can not send the Tokens you win to FaucetHub yet. More details on HORA are available on the official Crypto Idle Miner Help Section.
2. Faucet: The game basically acts like an Autofaucet for Hora. Keep it open, and you will get HORA.
3. Game Summary: You basically are a Cryptocurrency miner factor director. You have to "buy" mining rigs, managers, and access to different pretend cryptocurrencies to mine them. You can unlock more currencies, more buildings, research technologies to mine better, collect miner boost cards and items. You can also boost your speed by watching ads. You are paid based on your "Rank" in your "League". There are different leagues based on your progress / earnings in the game compared to others. Top leagues such as Diamond or Platinum pay more than the lower leagues Gold and Silver.
4. Other Earning: none


User Reviews

Wow! Really! Wonders never cease

May 10, 2022

When I first started my adventure into the world of cryptocurrency almost about 2 years ago this was one of the first apps that I came by and at the time I just assumed that I was mining cryptocurrency I had no idea that it would be at did not actually pay out it was a simulator it was a hard lesson learned as I invested money into this app but I certainly didn’t enjoy the game place it’s clever it’s very addicting it would remind me of SimCity from the two thousands of anyone else remembers that but then I’m glad to see that it is actually paying even if it is in their own token it was a very good game I mean their first car simulators goes very well designed I will be jumping back want to see if I can recover my account I was pretty far

Avatar for Kang

I played this game a couple of years

April 18, 2022

I stop playing this game maybe 4 years now because it has a lot bugs and i don’t know if they are paying or not, if they are legit or just a virtual mining game, maybe i will wait for a good reviews about this game if its legit or not . i give 3 stars because its not really a boring game its fun but sometimes freez the game . may be ill try this game today if the bugs are remove or fixed..

Avatar for Gotards

ilove this

September 26, 2021

the best

Avatar for cryptomarv
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