Game Token (GT) withdrawals are reviewed individually and processed weekly on Saturday or Sunday.
– Minimum withdrawal:  30,000 GTs = 3 USD 
– Additional first withdrawal requirement:  15,000 GTs minimum in Offerwall Earnings
– Processing:  GTs are converted to BTC at the current rate at the time of processing, and then sent without fee to your BTC address.  
– Withdrawal bonuses:  All offer wall earnings are eligible to “Tokens Back” if you reach certain withdraw thresholds before requesting a withdraw. These are bonus GTs  to reward your site loyalty that will be added back to your account upon withdrawal request: 

  • at least 100,000 GTs withdrawn = 5% bonus GTs back
  • at least 200,000 GTs withdrawn = 10% bonus GTs back
  • at least 300,000 GTs withdrawn = 15% bonus GTs back
  • at least 400,000 GTs withdrawn = 20% bonus GTs back
  • at least 500,000 GTs withdrawn = 25% bonus GTs back

    Incorrect Bitcoin addresses may result in your payment not being processed or sent to the wrong person!
    Don’t have a Bitcoin Address? Get one at Coinbase.com.