Game Tokens (GTs) are the main site currency that you earn from doing the faucet, games, and various other offers. Gold Coins (GCs) were added for the Crypto Pirate Game and are soon to replace Game Tokens for the withdrawable currency on the site. 

  • – Game Tokens and Gold Coins have equivalent value and can be exchanged 1 for 1.
  • – The value of each Game Token or Gold Coin is $0.0001, so 100 GTs = $0.01.
  • – You cannot reverse and exchange Gold Coins to Game Tokens.
  • – The Crypto Pirate game can increase your earnings so may be worth playing before exchange. 
  • – GTs or GCs can be withdrawn once your account reaches 20,000 GTs = $2 USD.
  • You must have a minimum of 10,000 GTs in Offerwall Earnings to withdrawal. 
 Loyalty Points (LPs) are our bonus point system for site activity. They can be used for various things on the site or exchanged. Read about how our unique bonus system works here
  • – Exchange rate is 1 Loyalty Point for 10 Game Tokens.
  • – You cannot reverse and exchange Game Tokens for  Loyalty Points.
  • – It is more profitable to use Loyalty Points on the Faucet or Pacman game. 

Exchange Game Tokens (GTs) to Gold Coins (GCs)

Exchange Loyalty Points (LPs) to Game Tokens (GTs)