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Your Daily GT Earnings


Daily Loyalty Requirement

Green light – Your LPs are safe for today.
Red light – Up to 10 LPs will be lost.
Do any offer to make the light green!

Your Current Stats

Description: Your Amount: Terms:
Offerwall Loyalty Bonus 0% max 10% (100 LPs = 10%)
Faucet Loyalty Bonus % max 100% (100 LPs)
Referrals Total See Referral Page
Referral Earnings:

Bonus Challenges – Tier 1

Tier 1 challenges require at least 10 LPs to claim.
Red light – Earn more LPs to unlock bonuses.
Description: Bonus: Progress: Claim:
Within one server day, complete 4 offers over 2500 GTs (claim once per day) 400 GTs 0 of 4 N/A
Do 10 offers that are at least 10,000 GTs (no time limit) 3000 GTs 0 of 10 N/A
Complete at least one “Your Surveys” survey 7 days in a row 1500 GTs 0 of 7 N/A
Play some Pacman for 10 days in a row (cost 3 LPs per game) 200 GTs 0 of 10 N/A
Claim at least once from the faucet for 30 days in a row 300 GTs 0 of 30 N/A

Bonus Challenges Tier 2 Coming soon..


Faucet of Fortune
Arcade Games
Daily Drawing

Time to new server day: 8 hr 57 min

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Darklamer343Tokens for TheoremReach
Earncryptomania57Tokens for Tap Research Offer
Earncryptomania801Tokens for Tap Research Offer
Earncryptomania57Tokens for Tap Research Offer
Earncryptomania1,144Tokens for Tap Research Offer
Earncryptomania343Tokens for Tap Research Offer
Earncryptomania228Tokens for Tap Research Offer
Earncryptomania1,258Tokens for Tap Research Offer
Darklamer286Tokens for TheoremReach
william19301Tokens for Tap Research Offer
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