Contract Miner Review

1. Payment: Contract-Miner pays in DOGE or BitCoin to a Faucethub wallet when you earn at least 50 CMC; 100 CMC = $0.01 USD, so 50 CMC are equal to $0.005. The amount of Bitcoin (or Doge) you receive will depend on the current value of the cryptocurrency, a preview of this is shown on the withdraw page.
2. Game: The site simulates how the mining of crypto currencies work. (No actual mining takes place!) At first you can only do paid contracts, which simulate cloud mining. You get your first CMC and XP for that and soon you level up and can also do auto-mining contracts which will generate additional CMC and XP (Screenshot 1). To do them, you need to buy at least one miner (screenshot 2) to use in the flat you need to rent (screenshot 3)(Parents house is free). The higher your level, the bigger the miners you can buy in the shop, and the bigger apartments you can rent. Thus, you can mine CMC faster.
There is also an open market where players can sell their miners. Buying those isn’t restricted by your level, but because of this, players tend to charge a rather hefty markup for selling high level miners. Sometimes you can get a bargain that is actually worth it though. There are some ways to get hashing power for free, for clicking shortlinks or waiting for some timers to run down. Those will increase your current mining power by a bit and will last for 3 hours up to 7 days.
4. Other Earning: The site has a small assortment of the usual offerwalls and some video offers, which will also be paid out in CMC. There is also a casino where you can bet on coinflips. (If you want to bet, take your money to a real casino, the odds are way better. CM currently uses a house edge of 25%.) Plus, the game actually pays for chatting! Each message you send gives 0.25 CMC right to your balance!


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