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Cointiply - Great offer wall selection, high paying faucet, loyalty boosts
4.8 of 5

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BTC wallet - $5.00 min.
DOGE to wallet $3 min.

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SimpleBits - Fun earning site with bonus "crypto mining machninery" game.
4.7 of 5

BTC to wallet
(10K B. Tokens = $1)

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HitBits - Fun RPG like game with faucet, shortlinks and offers.
4.6 of 5

BTC to wallet
(2000 credits = $0.02)
DOGE coming soon...

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Rollercoin - Build your own pretend mining data center, upgrade it, win real BTC. Fun, mini games.
4.5 of 5

BTC: 0.0001 min.
DOGE: 360 min.
ETH: 0.004 min.

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Crypto Mining Game - Earn BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge with this mining simulator game.
4.4 of 5

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BTC, Eth, DOGE, or LTC
to wallet.
Must reach level 15

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SatoshiLabs - Build a lab in this passive game and level it up by faucet, shortlinks, and offers
4.2 of 5

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BTC wallet
10000 Lab flask min.
(approx. 6000 satoshi min)

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Contract Miner - Pretend BTC mining game "buy" equipment, do contracts and earn real BTC.
4.0 of 5

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BTC to cedsonhub microwallet
20 CMC (about 20 satoshis)

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Crypto Idle Miner - Phone App game that simulates a factory of cryptocoin miners.
3.0 of 5

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HORA coin to TRON wallet
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