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1. Payment: Site pays in BitCoin to a FaucetHub wallet when you earn at least 5000 "Lab Flasks", 1000 Lab Flasks = 0.05 USD. The amount of Bitcoin you receive will depend on the current value of Bitcoin.
2. Faucet: You can claim for free 5-15 Lab Flasks every 5 minutes. On average this will earn you just about $0.01 an hour (screenshot 1).
3. Game(s): The site features a progressive "lab" game where one can level up various lab related items (screenshot 2). The game allows you to invest your earnings on the site to equal a greater return. Your earnings grow approximately 30% every 90 days. See the link under Guide to Earnings. There is also a multiplier game.
4. Other Earning: Site has many of the common offerwalls (see screenshot below) such as Adscend, TheoremReach, Adgate, as well as shortlinks (screenshot 3). They also offer bonuses for achieving so many minimum earnings per day (screenshot 4). A negative to the 30% quarterly return from the game is significantly less initial earnings from offer walls (about half other sites). This also may make the site unsustainable in the long run.


Site Payout:
BTC to FaucetHub -
5000 Lab Flasks ($0.05 minimum).
Guide to Earning:
Game Earning Spreadsheet
YouTube Video Guide
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Sat Lab Test review

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July 4, 2019

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