Elementor #14722

Your Fleet

Challenges are bonus quests to do on the site to claim extra Gold Coins. One must claim the challenge from either the “Home” page under the “Challenges” tab or on the PFT main page. Challenges reset at the end of each server day UTC time. Anyone can participate whether also taking part in our Crypto Pirates Game or not.

PFTs are collectible Pirate themed images that one receives from each completed challenge. PFTs collected DO expire at the end of each quarter. PFT is an acronym for Pirate Funding Tokens. Some challenges may reward multiple PFTs. Effort put in earning tokens will help fund our daily Pirate pool!  Here is a PFT of a captain’s hat.

Here are a few of the awesome reasons to collect PFTs:

  1. 2,500 to 20,000 Bonus Gold Coins for collecting them all for each of the 8 levels! As your levels go up, so do bonuses!  (Note: You must claim these Gold Coins as one of the challenges on the “Challenge Menu”)

  2. Your Naval Power can increase by up to 20,000 NP, which is equivalent to $200 invested in the Crypto Pirates game! This will help you soar up the pool ranks! (see anchor below- How does PFT count affect NP?)

  3. You can win up to 250,000 Gold Coins in our Pirate Collectors Race

  4. If any of your PFTs are at level 8, next time you are randomly assigned that PFT, you get a bonus 50 Gold Coins instead!
  • NP (Naval Power) is the factor that determines the top Crypto Pirate of the seas! Read more about it on our Crypto Pirates Help Page here.
  • Each PFT is worth 50 Bonus NP (Naval Power) per time collected. Each unique image can be collected up to 8 times, so a level 5 PFT can be worth 400 Bonus NP + “full set bonus”.
  • You earn an additional 20% bonus to your PFT NP boost once you complete a set of all 25 unique PFT images. That bonus increases an additional 20% when you level the whole set up to level 2.  Each additional completed level earns another 20% bonus up to a max of a 100% bonus for a level 5 completed set.
  • When factoring in the Complete set bonus %, the total NP bonus you could earn for a unique PFT is 500 NP. Currently, there are 25 PFTs, so this equates to a 20,000 maximum Bonus Naval Power! This is more than a fully upgraded Man-of-War!
  • There is a cap on the PFT bonus amount in relationship to the size of your Crypto Pirate fleet. Your PFT bonus is at most 2 times your Raw Naval Power. Because of this, the Actual NP Bonus may be less than the Possible PFT bonus displayed on your PFT statistics. We want to reward diligent Pirates that invest in ships, not just the ones that collect PFTs.  This prevents someone who only owns a Dinghy turning it into a Man of War!

Currently, there are 25 unique collectible images.
Each one can be collected 8 times, so there are a total of 200 PFTs to be collected. Avast ye much catch em’ all!

22 of the PFTs all share equal probability of approximately 4.4% of finding on any given pick.

3 rare PFTs each have probability of approximately 2% of being chosen.

Ye won’t be told, which be the rarest of em’ all! The rare ones will change from round to round.

The Pirate Collectors Race awards 5 extra Gold Coin prizes per PFT round. One prize will be rewarded to the first user to collect all PFTs of a particular level. A user can not win multiple prizes for Levels 1 through 7. However, a user can win the Grand Prize, which is completing Level 8, in addition to a Level 1 through 7 prize.

Users must email [email protected] when they believe they have completed a full set. Within 72 hours, a potential winner’s account will be reviewed, and the user will be notified by email of the result. Prize winners will also be posted on the Pirate Collectors Race drop down anchor on the PFT main page.

Collectors Race Prizes
50,000 Gold Coins – First to Complete each of Levels 1 to 7
200,000 Gold Coins – First to finish their PFT collection completing Level 8

PFT Collectibles are not permanent. They are reset at the beginning of every quarter. (The first period will have an additional month for users to collect and win prizes!)

Reset dates will begin in 2023 on January 1 and following on April 1, July 1, and October 1.