Paid to Promote Guide

This guide will show you how you can earn around 100$ per month with Paid to Promote).

1.  Click the following link to register an account on Rotate4all:

When you click the link a progress bar will appear on top which indicates that you are viewing the PTP link of rotate4all. Once it is full (after about 5 seconds) the owner of the PTP link will earn money for the view. 

Click on the bar to get to the site and then you can register an account.

After you registered and logged in, move to your Dashboard:

There you can find your PTP (Paid to promote) link:

Promoting this link will earn you 0.0004$ every time someone visits your link (0.40$ per 1000 hits). Moreover, it is also your referral link and will get you referrals from time to time. Note that not all clicks will get approved, I think it is at a rate of around 75-85% so I assume you get around 0.30-0.35$ per 1k clicks.

2.  Now we need sites that provide views at a rate less than 0.35$ (or better less than 0.3$) per 1k clicks. For this we can use the following PTC (Paid to click) sites:

Those are PTC sites where you pay approx. 0.08$ per 1k clicks so you will net a 0.22$ of profit per 1k views. Also most of the time you get a 10% bonus on your funds when you deposit, so it will be more like 0.073$ per 1k clicks. AdXRP is the cheapest and only cost around 0.04$ per 1k clicks for some reason. You can even set up the ad for the link two times because each 2nd view of an IP address will give you another 0.20$ per 1k hits.

All of the sites provide around 600 hits a day for your PTP link, resulting in around 0.90$ of net profit a day.

There are also two good choices of PTC offerwalls that are profitable and will give you a lot of clicks.

  1. is highly recommended, but you should buy at least 50.000 Clicks (15$) so that it becomes profitable.

This one will provide around 1,2k hits a day with around 90% approval rate.

  1. Pretty much the same as Offers4all with approx 600 hits a day

 The more clicks you buy at once the cheaper the rate per click

  1. Another great choice is There you can buy 120.000 views for 27$ (0.225$ per 1k clicks) under their “Special offers” section.
  1. Use this one at your own risk, it is a site that gives you 120% cashback (4% daily) on your ads, so obviously it will collapse at some point. It is paying for now but I don’t recommend putting a lot of money in at once. It will provide approx. 300 free clicks every day though, plus the 20% revshare on top.

These are the best choices to promote your PTP link.

These are my stats from yesterday. Please exclude paidverts and gab.

As you can see I also get around 2 referrals a day. Currently they earn me another 0.05-0.10$ a day and the rate is increasing

1.  There are more PTP sites that can be used with those PTC sites. The following are good choices to use with the (dot)cc sites but they only give 0,20$ per 1k hits.

This one gets me 0,50$ per day which is around 0,30$ per day in profit with the .cc sites

I am currently testing those two since today but they should provide about the same as goldenclix.

3. To fund your accounts on the .cc sites I use Coinbase Pro because they have zero withdrawal fees. Any other wallets work as well though, just make sure you don’t spend a lot on fees if you load your accounts. I deposit around 5$ worth of each coin at once, this is enough to get your PTC ads going for a few weeks and you don’t need to invest much upfront.

4. Rotate4all offers a lot of different withdrawal methods, including BTC. I mostly use Payeer ( because it has a built-in crypto exchange and you can also use Payeer almost anywhere on any other PTC site.

5. To double (or even triple) your earnings you can do the same all over again on Adzbux:

After you registered and logged in, find your PTP link on Ultimate PTP:

There you can see your current CPM rate and your PTP link:

On Adzbux you start with 0.30$ for 1k hits but you can upgrade your account and earn up to 1$ for 1k hits! 

To upgrade, you need to buy AdBrix which cost 1$ per unit at first. With AdBrix, you can buy different upgrades for your account, including upgrades on your PTP rate, your referral rate and discounts on further AdBrix purchases.

I personally upgraded the AdBrix discount to lvl 8 so I get a 35% discount. From there I keep upgrading the Ultimate PTP rate so I will eventually reach 1$ per 1k hits.

You can use the strategy described in this guide to earn with your PTP link and keep on leveling up your account with your earnings.

Once you upgraded your account to higher rates you can also use a lot of other PTC sites as traffic sources. To get an idea you can check the top traffic sources on the site.

Happy earnings!