Elite Referral Rates
– Earn up to 30% of your referrals’ earnings on Pacman and 15% on offerwalls!
– The more active referrals that you refer the higher percentage you earn.
– The minimum rate is 10% on offers and 25% on Pacman. Checkout tiers below.
– Find out how to get free referrals reading the guide below.

Your Referral link to send visitors to:
Your Referrals:
Referral Earnings: GTs

This is a progressive referral program that rewards more for those that bring in more active referrals!
Two criteria need to be met to earn the bonus % specified in each row above:  
1. A certain number of referrals.
2. A certain amount of earning from those referrals. 

Your stats on these two criteria can be checked below your referral link. Next are several examples. 

Example 1:  MrBrightside has 225 referrals. His referrals earned him 15,000 GTs ($1.50 USD). He would be eligible to earn a bonus 5% on offerwalls and Pacman.  (He met both criteria.)

Example 2:  John has 225 referrals. His referrals earned him 9,000 GTs ($0.90 USD). He would be eligible to earn a bonus of 3%.  (He only met the referral criteria for the the 3% tier but not the earning criteria). 

Example 3: Michael has 55 referrals that have earned him well over 90000 GTs ($9 USD). He would be eligible for a 2% bonus. (He well exceeded the earning criteria but only is in the 2% tier for referral count.)

  • Only one account allowed per household. This means you cannot refer yourself, your spouse or anyone with the same IP address as you. 
  • Please do not spam our site on other sites. 
  • Violation of these rules may result in your account being permanently banned. 

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