BETA – Starts Now!

Hey, this is a really exciting day, as I am officially announcing the Beta testing of this site and welcoming of traffic. This has been a two year long project that has really changed form many times. Some of the new site features that are starting today are:

1. Beginning of Daily Sweepstakes that grow as more people enter.
2. Kickoff of our first monthly Arcade game contest with a 10000 GT prize pool.

Please start referring people to the site! We have an awesome progressive referral tier structure that ranges from 10% up to 20% on all referrals Offerwall earnings and 25 to 35% on all Pacman earnings!

Some near term future expectations:
1. More earning opportunities. Tap Research and more offerwalls will be added soon.
2. More Pacman! A leader board for this game will likely be added.
3. More games :). There are some ideas in the works. Our Arcade will grow, and hopefully our site along with it.

Enjoy the site. Happy gaming and earning!


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