April News & Game Update

It’s exciting to continue to see the site grow. We’ve topped over $5000 worth of BTC and LTC in payouts and over 4000 users signing up for our site. For April, if you haven’t played the Greedy Worm arcade game, give it a try! 50,000 GTs up for grabs until the end of the month.
Also, a 20% Your Surveys Promo will be coming soon before the end of the month is over. Stay tuned for that!

Currently, our game is on track to begin Beta testing for everyone in July. The actual date will depend on a variety of factors, but as I am currently “Alpha” testing the main features of the game now, so I don’t see any reason why at least an initial release won’t happen in July. The following news is all about the game and site changes:

  1. Gold Coins will be added as the currency to withdrawal. Game Tokens will continue to exist and be the main thing to earn, but they must be converted to coins before withdrawal on a 1 to 1 basis.
  2. The Crypto Pirate game goal is to amass the most powerful Pirate fleet of ships. Users gain Naval Power by buying ships, leveling them up, sailing (checking in), and gathering site Loyalty. Users will get a daily pool reward based on their Naval Power ranking compared to other Pirates. Picture of the pool leaderboard in testing below:

  3. Users purchase ships with Game Tokens and gain a guaranteed bonus based on the ship they purchase. This bonus and ship purchase converts Game Tokens to Gold Coins so is a one time bonus. However, at any time users can choose to boost their Naval Power (and thus their pool reward) if they opt out of the guaranteed bonus and instead get equivalent Game Tokens back instead. Users can even toggle on a daily basis between their ship payment type.
  4. The week before the Beta launch, we will begin using Gold Coins site wide for withdrawals. We will allow users to hold a maximum of 500,000 GTs prior to Beta launch to use in the game. Anything over this amount will auto convert to Gold Coins with a bonus factored in.
  5. Loyalty Points will boost Naval Power up to 100% if one holds 1000 LPs and may also play a role in the game.
  6. The large tokens back withdrawal bonus will be phased out approximately 14 days after Beta launch.

Other additions to the site that will happen in the next 6 months:

  • – 2FA to secure your account
  • – Additional Offerwalls: Pollfish, Lootably, and likely Bitswall
  • – An improved game arcade with some new fun games
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Marching on in March

Lots of changes in store here on FaucetGamers and plans for improvement. Here is some of the more recent notable ones:

1. We extended our domain and site hosting until April 2022. FaucetGamers isn’t going away anytime soon. We have so many more ideas to make this site great and different than others out there.
2. Loyalty Points now have a cap of 1500. This will be helpful for the passive game when it is released.
3. Our Pirate passive game progress continues! We have nearly all the backend code done for it and now are working on optimizing the front end and user experience. The target goal is July 1 for public launch. This deadline is partially set to motivate me to ramp up work on it.
4. We added a new arcade game Endless Breakout for our March contest.
5. Stay tuned for more earning opportunities, as we continue to seek them out. We plan on offering Lootably and Pollfish offerwalls within the next several months.
6. Due to increased BTC miner fees, all direct to wallet withdrawals under 100,000 GTs ($10), will be charged a 10,000 GT ($1) miner fee. This is waived if you withdrawal over 100K 🙂 or use one of our other great withdrawal methods.

Keep earning and game on:)!

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New Year News & Changes

Happy New Years to you! Wishing you the best in 2021. It’s been some crazy times here in America the past few days. It has distracted me slightly from my work but don’t worry things will settle down soon. Regardless, I have put several changes in place on the site worth mentioning:

1. Our Terms of Use has been updated please read it. Particularly read the tax section if you are from the USA. For USA users,  if you attempt to withdrawal $600 or more within a year, you will need to fill out a W9 tax form to claim them (or wait until next year). You should pay your taxes regardless, however, $600 is the magic reporting number and in #2 below. 

2. For all countries, if you do earn over $600 in a year and do identity verification (appropriate government ID) with us, we will give you a bonus 5% on all earnings over $600 for the remainder of the year. 

3. Our arcade games now have rewards for achieving top 10 on the high score board and the prizes have doubled! Read about the new rules and prizes

4. For fun, the daily GT Pacman game now has a leaderboard!

5. A new monthly arcade game will debut in February! It will be a fun shooter type puzzle game. 

6. Our Holiday contest results have been updated with some changes. Next update will show the final results:

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Withdrawal Changes and New Options!

We are proud to announce that FaucetGamers now supports FaucetPay withdrawals, XRP and Litecoin withdrawals! We are also lowering the minimum withdrawal amount to 20,000 GTs (with now only 10,000 GTs in offerwall earnings for the first withdrawal). This new minimum only applies to FaucetPay, Litecoin, Coinbase Internal Transfers, and Stake Cube Internal Transfer withdrawals. Unfortunately, do to the rise in miner fees, we are raising the direct BTC withdrawal minimum to 50,000 GTs (with a transfer fee (currently at 10,000 GTs) that will be waived if a user gets above 100,000 GTs). More details can be found at our refreshed and improved withdrawal page.

We are also planning on adding a new offerwall within the next week. CPX-Research. CPX is a spin off of Tap Research but hopefully better. Talking with them, one of their aims is to provide surveys for all countries. They also provide a small reward for a survey screen out. Now back to work on that Pirate game… :). Happy earning!

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1000 & Game Progress

Hey! Wow, I have been very busy coding the game this past month. The progress is marching on! FaucetGamers continues to get much traffic and grow in user base. I am proud to announce reaching the 1000 / 1000 pinnacle. We are well over $1000 USD in BTC earned by our well over 1000 users. We are looking for more earning opportunities, as Tap Research has decided to suspend any form of PC users in doing surveys and go entirely Mobile. We most likely will add another survey provider to replace them. Currently, Poll Fish is the most likely candidate, though we are open for suggestions. We are always on the look out for good high paying offerwalls.

With the game, I have finished nearly coding all the ships to purchase and to level up, sell, and rebuild! We are well over 50% of the way for Beta testing on it. Checkout the user ship inventory display:

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Bye Bye Prize Tickets

If you are wondering where Prize Tickets are gone, they have been discontinued from the site to help simplify things and to make way for the new Passive Pirate game currency, which will be Gold Coins (name subject to change). All users should have had their Prize Tickets auto-converted to Game Tokens on Sept. 27. The daily sweepstakes and faucet have been converted to pay out in GTs

Faucet earnings are doubled until the end of September! Dutch Shuffleboard ends Sept 30, and the new monthly arcade game coming up will be Alien Invaders 2!

Some site promos upcoming in October month will be Revenue Wall, Opinion Capital, and OfferToro offerwall boosts!

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Site Changes and Faucet Bonus!

I’m excited to say that we just crossed the small goal of having over $1000 paid out in BTC just this past week! To celebrate, we are doubling all Faucet claims all week.

We have also changed the Faucet and Daily Sweepstakes to pay in GTs rather than Prize Tickets. The pay rates are all the same (just divided by 4 since that was the conversion rate), you just don’t have to bother with exchanging anymore. Prize tickets will be phased out and auto-converted to GTs if any still remain in your account in the coming weeks. This is mainly due to the fact that the new game will have another currency, so we wish to try to keep things from becoming too overwhelming for new users. 

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Site changes, promos, and passive game progress

Just a quick update of some things that are in the email I’ll be sending out later:
1. 25% bonus until the end of August on Tap Research surveys.
2. Alien Invader arcade tournament running until the end of August.
3. Prize tickets will be discontinued in September.
Details on this: In order to reduce complexity on our site for new users and pave the way for the Passive Game, which will feature another “virtual site currency”, we plan to discontinue Prize Tickets within the next month. We will convert any in your balance to Game Tokens Prior to doing this at the usual rate.

Our daily sweepstakes will continue only using GTs instead, as will our faucet switch over to paying in GTs. The first step of the conversion process will be to switch over the sweepstakes. The faucet will switch over a day or two later. Followed by an exchange of all Prize Tickets to GTs after these two changes are up and running.

4. Passive Pirate progress update -The main page template is largely complete where one can see their ships that they buy and purchase ships. Lots more to do, but we hope this game will be fun and rewarding for you! Here are some pics.

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New Stat & Achievement Center

I’m sure you will notice it, but we added a new section to the home page that shows a user some additional stats and allows them to claim bonuses for completing various tasks on the website. Here is a quick summary of it:

– Displays a light indicator that shows whether your Loyalty Points are safe or are at risk from not completing an offer today.
– Shows your current offer and faucet Loyalty Bonus.
– Shows your number of referrals and their total earnings
– Contains 5 challenges that you can complete and claim!

Don’t forget Ms Tapman biweekly arcade tournament ends this Friday, July 31! Frogger is the next arcade game that will be added to play for the biweekly high score competition. We are also going to cut the entry costs on this and future arcade game contests to 200 GTs.

Have fun earning!

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What a week! Some Beta Issues

Hey! It was an exciting week at FaucetGamers. This week we set a record number for new users, withdrawals, and active users in a day!
We wrapped up Bubble Trouble tourny with xXGraveXx winning once more! We kicked of Ms. Pacman competition, and we still have the YourSurvey promotion going on for one more day.

Today, we added a site with information about my two personal favorite online places to store crypto: https://faucetgamers.com/wallets

I do apologize for a brief site outage today as there was some problem with Cloudflare that caused a bunch of sites to go down including Discord. You can read the details about it here

We also are still working the bugs out of the “Lottery”. Sometimes people get paid double, and sometimes I have to manually restart it. However, it should run smoothly soon (hopefully). Remember, we still are in Beta here. 

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