New Year News & Changes

Happy New Years to you! Wishing you the best in 2021. It’s been some crazy times here in America the past few days. It has distracted me slightly from my work but don’t worry things will settle down soon. Regardless, I have put several changes in place on the site worth mentioning:

1. Our Terms of Use has been updated please read it. Particularly read the tax section if you are from the USA. For USA users,  if you attempt to withdrawal $600 or more within a year, you will need to fill out a W9 tax form to claim them (or wait until next year). You should pay your taxes regardless, however, $600 is the magic reporting number and in #2 below. 

2. For all countries, if you do earn over $600 in a year and do identity verification (appropriate government ID) with us, we will give you a bonus 5% on all earnings over $600 for the remainder of the year. 

3. Our arcade games now have rewards for achieving top 10 on the high score board and the prizes have doubled! Read about the new rules and prizes

4. For fun, the daily GT Pacman game now has a leaderboard!

5. A new monthly arcade game will debut in February! It will be a fun shooter type puzzle game. 

6. Our Holiday contest results have been updated with some changes. Next update will show the final results: