April News & Game Update

It’s exciting to continue to see the site grow. We’ve topped over $5000 worth of BTC and LTC in payouts and over 4000 users signing up for our site. For April, if you haven’t played the Greedy Worm arcade game, give it a try! 50,000 GTs up for grabs until the end of the month.
Also, a 20% Your Surveys Promo will be coming soon before the end of the month is over. Stay tuned for that!

Currently, our game is on track to begin Beta testing for everyone in July. The actual date will depend on a variety of factors, but as I am currently “Alpha” testing the main features of the game now, so I don’t see any reason why at least an initial release won’t happen in July. The following news is all about the game and site changes:

  1. Gold Coins will be added as the currency to withdrawal. Game Tokens will continue to exist and be the main thing to earn, but they must be converted to coins before withdrawal on a 1 to 1 basis.
  2. The Crypto Pirate game goal is to amass the most powerful Pirate fleet of ships. Users gain Naval Power by buying ships, leveling them up, sailing (checking in), and gathering site Loyalty. Users will get a daily pool reward based on their Naval Power ranking compared to other Pirates. Picture of the pool leaderboard in testing below:

  3. Users purchase ships with Game Tokens and gain a guaranteed bonus based on the ship they purchase. This bonus and ship purchase converts Game Tokens to Gold Coins so is a one time bonus. However, at any time users can choose to boost their Naval Power (and thus their pool reward) if they opt out of the guaranteed bonus and instead get equivalent Game Tokens back instead. Users can even toggle on a daily basis between their ship payment type.
  4. The week before the Beta launch, we will begin using Gold Coins site wide for withdrawals. We will allow users to hold a maximum of 500,000 GTs prior to Beta launch to use in the game. Anything over this amount will auto convert to Gold Coins with a bonus factored in.
  5. Loyalty Points will boost Naval Power up to 100% if one holds 1000 LPs and may also play a role in the game.
  6. The large tokens back withdrawal bonus will be phased out approximately 14 days after Beta launch.

Other additions to the site that will happen in the next 6 months:

  • – 2FA to secure your account
  • – Additional Offerwalls: Pollfish, Lootably, and likely Bitswall
  • – An improved game arcade with some new fun games