Rules to follow:

  • No VPN / Proxy or IP masking allowed
  • One account allowed per household
  • No cheating and have fun :)!

Play Pacman Daily

Win:  Play Pacman for 200 GTs each day!
Fee:  3 Loyalty Points for 1 hour of play
Summary:  Every 100 points in PacMan earns 1 GT up to 200 GTs total. Play as many times as it takes!

July Tournament Game!

The Bandit Hunter 
Summary:  Shoot the bad guys before they shoot you, don’t shoot the hostages. 
Prizes:  1st to 5th places win 8000 GTs
6th – 10th places win 4000 GTs
Price to Enter:  5 Loyalty Points

Play for FREE - Play Daily to Earn Collectibles

Frog Jumper!   
Summary:  Can you hop across the pond without falling in? This game is similar to Classic Frogger for Atari.

Fat Shark – 
Summary: Feed the shark; avoid the bombs! Get the shark to grow nice and fat.

Box Tower –
Summary: Make your tower as tall as you can and win in this highly addictive block building game!

Ski Rush  – 

Summary: Ski down the mountain, collect the flags, avoid the obstacles!

Hexagon Fall  – 

A unique strategy game of breaking blocks to keep the Hexagon from the pit of despair!

Space Adventure Pinball –
This is just one of the best virtual Pinball games around! Try to beat the high scores and enjoy!

Pirates Adventure Game
Enjoy being a pirate running through mazes, collecting coins, while avoiding bad guys. 

Bionic Race! 
Summary:  Like Flappy birds with robots and coins!

Crazy FreeKicks!
Summary:  Soccer (football) game with penalty kicks!

Fruit Matching Game
Summary:  Match the fruit to earn points before time expires! Make a row of 4 or more to earn more time! 

Rocking Wheels
Summary:  Drive your band to the concert without wrecking through 30 levels of madness!

Word Waffle
Summary: Make words to earn points in this fun and addictive game with multilanguage support including: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Italian.

Arcade Golf 
Summary: 10 holes of shooting the ball in the hole. Sorry this tournament game has already received the maximum amount of winners!

Duck Shooter 
Summary: Shoot the ducks before the fly away. Sounds simple enough, or is it?

Galactic War 
Summary:  Space invader like game; shoot enemy ships and keep surviving to score lots of points.

Miner Block – Puzzle Game

Summary: Complete the puzzles in as little moves as possible to get the gold out of the mine!

Christmas Memory – December Tournament Game
Summary: Remember fast and click fast to win!

Katana Fruits 
Summary: Slice the fruit as they fly through the air to score points! Don’t miss.

Baseball Pro 
Take me out to the ball game! Hit home runs and earn points to win this game.

The Sorcerer 
Summary: A clone of the famous Zuma puzzle game, match the ball colors and make them disappear!

Snake Attack 
Summary: Keep eating and avoid the other snakes!

Virtual Bowling 
Summary: Easy and fun virtual game with some great bowling physics and !

Falling Cubes  
Summary: Prizes determined at the end of the month. Play this Tetris like falling block game to win!

Gold Miner
Summary: Skill based game to dig gold and gems while voiding the dynamite!

Brick Out Block Breaking Game
Summary: Breakout / Arkanoid like game where you break blocks and get sweet powerups to do so.