What a week! Some Beta Issues

Hey! It was an exciting week at FaucetGamers. This week we set a record number for new users, withdrawals, and active users in a day!
We wrapped up Bubble Trouble tourny with xXGraveXx winning once more! We kicked of Ms. Pacman competition, and we still have the YourSurvey promotion going on for one more day.

Today, we added a site with information about my two personal favorite online places to store crypto: https://faucetgamers.com/wallets

I do apologize for a brief site outage today as there was some problem with Cloudflare that caused a bunch of sites to go down including Discord. You can read the details about it here

We also are still working the bugs out of the “Lottery”. Sometimes people get paid double, and sometimes I have to manually restart it. However, it should run smoothly soon (hopefully). Remember, we still are in Beta here.