1000 & Game Progress

Hey! Wow, I have been very busy coding the game this past month. The progress is marching on! FaucetGamers continues to get much traffic and grow in user base. I am proud to announce reaching the 1000 / 1000 pinnacle. We are well over $1000 USD in BTC earned by our well over 1000 users. We are looking for more earning opportunities, as Tap Research has decided to suspend any form of PC users in doing surveys and go entirely Mobile. We most likely will add another survey provider to replace them. Currently, Poll Fish is the most likely candidate, though we are open for suggestions. We are always on the look out for good high paying offerwalls.

With the game, I have finished nearly coding all the ships to purchase and to level up, sell, and rebuild! We are well over 50% of the way for Beta testing on it. Checkout the user ship inventory display: