Site Changes and Faucet Bonus!

I’m excited to say that we just crossed the small goal of having over $1000 paid out in BTC just this past week! To celebrate, we are doubling all Faucet claims all week.

We have also changed the Faucet and Daily Sweepstakes to pay in GTs rather than Prize Tickets. The pay rates are all the same (just divided by 4 since that was the conversion rate), you just don’t have to bother with exchanging anymore. Prize tickets will be phased out and auto-converted to GTs if any still remain in your account in the coming weeks. This is mainly due to the fact that the new game will have another currency, so we wish to try to keep things from becoming too overwhelming for new users. 


2 comments to Site Changes and Faucet Bonus!

  • Batokhir

    Good luck to sittus

  • MrBrightside

    Thanks 🙂 Most appreciated!