Marching on in March

Lots of changes in store here on FaucetGamers and plans for improvement. Here is some of the more recent notable ones:

1. We extended our domain and site hosting until April 2022. FaucetGamers isn’t going away anytime soon. We have so many more ideas to make this site great and different than others out there.
2. Loyalty Points now have a cap of 1500. This will be helpful for the passive game when it is released.
3. Our Pirate passive game progress continues! We have nearly all the backend code done for it and now are working on optimizing the front end and user experience. The target goal is July 1 for public launch. This deadline is partially set to motivate me to ramp up work on it.
4. We added a new arcade game Endless Breakout for our March contest.
5. Stay tuned for more earning opportunities, as we continue to seek them out. We plan on offering Lootably and Pollfish offerwalls within the next several months.
6. Due to increased BTC miner fees, all direct to wallet withdrawals under 100,000 GTs ($10), will be charged a 10,000 GT ($1) miner fee. This is waived if you withdrawal over 100K 🙂 or use one of our other great withdrawal methods.

Keep earning and game on:)!