Passive Pirates! New promo & earning opportunities

Hey guys, I am excited to update you on some site news:
1. After many votes, our new game theme will be Pirates! The game will take several months to develop, and I’m not promising any date. However, it will be the site’s priority.

2. There is 25% Bonus opportunity on all AdGem offers running July 3 12:00 AM EST to July 6 11:59 PM EST. Any offers started during this period will count for the promo. Lots of game apps to try out there!

3. I added another passive earning opportunity for all countries in the video section. Engaged Hits is a product of JungleOfferWall that promises to give you 52 GTs for 10 videos. You can even watch them in another browser tab.

4. Tap Research Surveys are coming within the next week or two.

5. A new arcade competition is up featuring Bubble Trouble, a game where you pop bubbles before they pop you. Should be fun and relatively easy to get a top score!


2 comments to Passive Pirates! New promo & earning opportunities

  • Earncryptomania

    Awesome stuff!!

  • hard4hard10

    Aaarrgh. that means right on in pirate.