Countdown to Christmas Contest!

“Wishing you true peace & love this Holiday season.” ~FaucetGamers

To help spread a little more merriment and joy and BTC your way this holiday season, starting December 1 through end of day December 23, FaucetGamers will be running a contest that will award prizes to the top 20 Game Token earners! All earnings will count towards the contest including offerwall, videos, faucet, lottery, and referrals.

Prizes will be a percentage of your earnings during this period:

  • 1st place: 20% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 2nd place: 15% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 3rd-10th place: 10% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 11th-20th place: 5% bonus on all Game Tokens earned

The contest has ended. Winners will officially receive their prize on February 3.
(This list is only preliminary winners and will be updated as any offer reversals come in.)
No reversals have been factored in currently. 

Contest Winners (Last Updated Dec. 24):

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Withdrawal Changes and New Options!

We are proud to announce that FaucetGamers now supports FaucetPay withdrawals, XRP and Litecoin withdrawals! We are also lowering the minimum withdrawal amount to 20,000 GTs (with now only 10,000 GTs in offerwall earnings for the first withdrawal). This new minimum only applies to FaucetPay, Litecoin, Coinbase Internal Transfers, and Stake Cube Internal Transfer withdrawals. Unfortunately, do to the rise in miner fees, we are raising the direct BTC withdrawal minimum to 50,000 GTs (with a transfer fee (currently at 10,000 GTs) that will be waived if a user gets above 100,000 GTs). More details can be found at our refreshed and improved withdrawal page.

We are also planning on adding a new offerwall within the next week. CPX-Research. CPX is a spin off of Tap Research but hopefully better. Talking with them, one of their aims is to provide surveys for all countries. They also provide a small reward for a survey screen out. Now back to work on that Pirate game… :). Happy earning!

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