Loyalty Point & Pool Changes

Hey, all! I have been working on a lot of little ways to improve the site behind the scenes. One of the biggest areas that can be improved is user retention. In order to do that, I have made several changes in the Loyalty Point reward structure and decided to increase the Pirate pool to maybe encourage some new members to become Pirates. Here is a summary of the most recent changes:

  • New users will have the first five days that they are registered free from losing any Loyalty Points (LPs).
  • Users with less than 100 LPs will only lose 5 per day instead of 10 per day for site inactivity (not doing an offer in a given day).
  • The passive game Pirate Pool now grows at a 20% faster rate compared to its old base rate. 
  • To offset these changes cost wise, we are increasing the minimum LP numbers to get 100% faucet and 10% bonus on offerwalls to 200 LPs instead of 100 LPs. This is progressive so for every 2 LPs you earn your faucet claim will go up 1% and offerwall bonus will go up 0.1%. You can track your current bonus rates on the home page: 

Active users would commonly achieve max faucet and offerwall boost percentages within the first week. I figured that a bit more of a challenge wouldn’t hurt. Those who have been around the site for awhile commonly have over 1000 LPs, so this won’t have any negative impact on those loyal to and active on the site. (more…)

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