Marching Onward

Hey all, hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know we keep marching on here! I am so thankful for our community, and I am hopeful that we will double if not triple in size in 2022. We have just kicked off our March arcade tournament, so please checkout the new game there! Currently, we have so many projects lined up for FaucetGamers to improve, it is hard to pick where to begin.

Things we are working on: 

– Shortlinks (that are family friendly, this is hard to come by!)
– Improved Earning Challenges that will tie in with the Pirate Game!
– More Withdrawal Options such as gift cards and USDC, and a more automated withdrawal system
– An expanded daily earning arcade, with more game selection rather than just Pacman
– Fixing some minor bugs in the Crypto Pirate game and adding some additional features
– An improved setup for our earning pages that will be more newbie friendly.

Things we hope to do someday:
– Android App
– Video tutorials for beginners
– Break $1000 per day in daily payouts! (One can wish)