Crypto Pirate Game Plan

This is all tentative, but here is a rough outline of how I plan on building the already popular Crypto Pirate game to be more competitive and enjoyable in the future!

1. We are going to increase our daily “challenges” by adding more challenges  and rewarding uses for completing the challenges with “Pirate Treasure” in a collectible game that will reset every quarter. This collectible treasure of course is in addition to bonus earnings as well that will be automatically claimable!

2. Initially 25 unique Crypto Pirate collectibles will be available. Pirates can gain $1 worth of Naval Power for each unique collectible they gather and additional Naval Power for up to 3 repeats of the same collectible ($3 NP worth). Some collectibles may be more rare than others and completing an entire collection will cause an additional boost to Naval Power!

3. The first two users each quarter to collect all 25 collectibles will receive a bonus large prize. Others who complete at least one collection within the quarter will also be able to collect a special challenge prize. Collectibles reset every quarter and the search for treasure / collectibles begins again.

4. Eventually, we plan to have Pirate captains be able to have their ships battle for collectibles and or loyalty points in a turn based skill based game. This will begin developing if #1 to #3 seem to be received well.


6 comments to Crypto Pirate Game Plan

  • logicbug

    Sounds great, I can imagine it would be like battleships where you fire your canon at another user’s fleet with coordinates and either hit/sink the torpedo…

  • Tink

    This sound great MrB

  • Cuts4

    Can we opt out of battles? I think I like the idea of a cruise line better.

  • MrBrightside

    Definitely, the battles will totally be optional. I don’t envision forcing anyone to do anything fighting wise unless they choose to.
    That isn’t coming for awhile down the pipe though (if ever!) We’ll see how the next update goes first, which I have barely started to code.

  • ItS Mish
    ItS Mish

    I love the collectable idea. I’ve done similar things in some games. So much fun. Kind of like PODS over there. Except here we have to find them. Could also have them for sale or trade with GCs being used rather than withdrawing them.

  • MrBrightside

    Thanks Mish! I’m looking forward to getting it going.