Sweet Summer News!

Hope your summer is starting off grand. Great to have you here at FaucetGamers, and I am hoping you love the site as much as me. We got so much news to share so lets just start with the most exciting stuff:

  1. FaucetGamers has renewed our site hosting for 3 years and upgraded it. I hope you are enjoying some more speed on the site.
  2. 7 days of 11% Bonus Promo begins today! Earn 11% Gold Coin bonus on all offers, surveys, PTC, and video earnings! Ends on the end of day June 29.
  3. We have added a very popular new PTC wall that should work well for all users: Timewall. There is a video guide on how to run it on the Timewall access page.
  4. We have changed our “Offerwall” Page layout to be more easy to navigate and find offers that will suit your earning preference for the day.
  5. Work has begun on our newest Pirate game update! All other major projects are now on the side burner and full steam ahead on it.
  6. Our payment processing is now twice as fast thanks to development of a back end API to send payments, so we are in the process in possibly adding another withdrawal option. There is a poll on our Discord to vote for USDC, DASH, or gift cards.
  7. Likely because of the decline in crypto prices, our advertising banner partners have cut their rates in half for us. One way we are compensating for this is effective July 1, the 100% Loyalty bonus for Faucet claims and 10% bonus on offerwalls is increasing to 500 LPs. The second way that we are compensating is on August 1, the large GT withdrawal bonuses will change from their current rates to 10% bonus for $50 or more and 5% bonus for $25 or more. This GT bonus was originally slated to be dropped altogether with the release of Crypto Pirates, so I feel is still generous. We are hoping this drop in banner rates is short-lived though, and we can get back to giving out bonuses galore.
  8. Back to good news, our site has broken over $20,000 earned in crypto and well over 15,000 users have signed up. Keep it growing!
  9. Stay tuned for a survey contest in July!
  10. Don’t forget our Tetris arcade tournament ends at the end of June!

If you read all that, you deserve a bonus promo code SWEETSUMMER. Enjoy it while it is here. (Sorry to my friends in the Southern Hemisphere.)


3 comments to Sweet Summer News!

  • jagajagajaga1

    JagaX3+1 was here.

  • logicbug

    Can we get promo code notifications in our browsers?

  • MrBrightside

    That is a good idea! We were discussing adding the option to opt into desktop or mobile push notifications. I think it would definitely help keep people hooked / motivated!