Big Time August News

Summer is flying by, and I hope you are enjoying it well. Let me know if you have any great ideas for FaucetGamers. We got tons of things to do already, but hey, if you got something worth sharing go for it!
Lots of exciting news to share with you, and I especially look forward to revealing our collectible Crypto pirate update. Checkout the latest news email in case you missed it here:


4 comments to Big Time August News

  • logicbug

    Yes! Color me excited! Just one thing that niggles at me, when I finally had a bonus for 30 days of faucet use, and I forgot to claim it immediately, it was gone the next day. wouldn’t it be more fair to auto-claim the reward once you reach the limit?

  • MrBrightside

    Not a bad idea, but part of the challenge is to remember to claim it on the challenge page :). It also would be kind of hard to integrate the auto bonus in with the new system of earning collectible PFTs when you claim it. There is a separate page that loads after you claim a challenge showing you what bonus you received. Btw, the faucet bonus is changing from 30 days down to every 15. Hey if something like that happens to you again on day 30 let me know, and I’m sure I can compensate you.

  • logicbug

    There is more to debate on that subject, I will PM you after the weekend once Ive gathered enough details 🙂

  • yavari00

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