Fall News & PFT Update

Welcome to Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere! I hope you are doing well and enjoying your FaucetGamers experience. We hope to keep on improving here. The work is never done. I hope you have started completing some of our bonus challenges and collecting PFTs (Pirate Funding Tokens!) that will help you move up the ranks in our crypto pirates game and earn you bonuses.

Here are a few PFT updates that are worth noting:

  • You can now earn 2 PFTs every 10 days by simply playing any of our free games in the arcade! (except our monthly tournament game). You no longer need to use LPs to play Pacman to claim these unless you want to.
  • We cut the Loyalty Point redemption price in half to claim PFTs each day. The new redemption rates are 10 LPs = 1 PFT and 25 LPs = 3 PFTs.
  • In our PFT Collectible Race, we have had at least 2 users reach collecting all Level 1 and Level 2 PFTs. However, Level 3, 4, and the grand prize are still up for grabs!
  • You can expect a “Holiday” themed collectible contest to begin in December!

Some other site plans that we are working on hopefully soon:

  • Gift card withdrawals!
  • Poll Fish Surveys
  • A new PTC wall
  • Increased spending on advertising to help us grow larger and faster!
  • Improving design on the home page / Mobile friendliness
  • Improving site speed
  • When all that is done, our main project focus for next summer will be working on Android App development.

Don’t forget to check out our fun new arcade game of the month to win up to 8000 GTs!
Thank you for your site support. We wish you the best in life and hope our site can add a bit of joy to your life. For checking out the news, please enjoy promo code: LOYALT

“Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration” –Thomas Alva Edison


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  • Osunno

    Good evening, I’m really enjoying the website project and as you have plans for the future of it, it would be nice if you had a wall of shortlinks too.