Site updates and Your Surveys promo week!

Hey, all! Just in case you missed or did not get the update email. Here is a quick summary of it. Lots of good stuff happening here. We just broke a site record for most users earning over 100 GTs in offers in a day today! Exciting times.

Here are the updates:

  1. This week running until Saturday, July 18 at the end of the day UTC time. We are boosting all “Your Surveys” completions by 500 GTs! For this week, you can get 7000 GTs base per survey plus up to a 10% loyalty bonus (1% per 10 Loyalty Points that you have up to 100 LPs).
  2.  Tap Research Surveys have been added to our Offerwall section. For those of you that like Theorem Reach, this works just the same! You get paid some even if you don’t finish a full survey because of disqualification.
  3. Wednesday, July 15 ends our Bubble Trouble Game Competition. Get your high score while you can! Thursday will start our next game competition and run until the end of the July. We will be featuring Ms. Tapman (a Pacman variant)! Hone in those skills with our Mr. Pacman game that is always there to play for GTs.
  4. Frogger is coming for our first Arcade game competition in August!
  5. Production on the “Passive Pirate” game for additional passive earning has begun! I will try to keep updated with game progress on
  6. We now have 3 awesome promo banners for our site. Use them to get some referrals to earn even more! Go here to check them out.