Countdown to Christmas Contest 2021

“Wishing you a Joyous Christmas and Holiday Season!” ~FaucetGamers Team

It’s back and better for year two, our holiday contest! To help spread a little more merriment and joy and crypto your way this holiday season, starting December 1 through end of day December 23, FaucetGamers will be running a contest that will award Gold Coin prizes to the top 30 survey Game Token earners! Unlike last year, only survey earnings will count toward the contest and receive bonus. (Don’t worry gamers, we have bonuses in store for you too!) Any primarily survey offerwall will receive this bonus including: CPX-Research, Theorem Reach, Your Surveys, Revenue Wall, Opinion Capital, and Personaly (SurveyTime). One can track the survey leaders on a leaderboard that will be posted on the main page.

Prizes will be a percentage of your survey earnings during this period:

  • 1st place: 25% bonus on all survey GTs earned
  • 2nd place: 22% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 3rd place: 20% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 4th place: 19% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 5th place: 18% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 6th place: 17% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 7th place: 16% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 8th place: 15% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 9th place: 14% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 10th place: 12% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 11th-15th place: 10% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 16th-20th place: 8% bonus on all Game Tokens earned
  • 21st-30th place: 5% bonus on all Game Tokens earned

To prevent fraudulent survey abuse, the results will not be finalized until February 4. Any reversals on surveys may affect the final outcome and rankings. Winners will officially receive their prize bonus earnings in Gold Coins on February 5.

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Game News & More!

After many names were suggested for our Crypto Pirates passive earning game in the previous news post, we have decided upon the winning name for our passive earning game. In an anticlimactic fashion, it has been determined from votes from our mods (and admin) that the name shall remain Crypto Pirates! Thank you all for your suggestions, but none of them quite fit what the game is about. Those that suggested a name are all receiving 2000 GTs for their efforts.

Some exciting news:

1. We are beginning to work on some exciting site upgrades including Pirate collectible items, which can be collected to receive bonus naval power and extra gold coins! Also, a new Pirate game item to purchase will be available, a harbor. Many features are planned with purchasing a harbor including double your naval power and giving the option to sell your ships at anytime without loss!

2. A new arcade game should be out to play before the end of the week, a fun space invader like shooting game “Galactic War”.

3. An upgrade to the charity form has been done, now anyone can donate to charities right from the home page. Please donate to our latest charity the Animal Welfare Institute by clicking on “Generous Earning” on the home page. This charity receives an A+ grade for their trust by watchdog organizations.

4. Enjoy our Adscend Media, Hideout TV and Lootably offerwall 20% bonus until the end of the week!

Earn on and game on!

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Fall News & Promo

It’s not all about the site growth but developing community as well and earning potential. I think we are top in both areas and that will lead to more growth. Regardless, compared to last year at this time, we are averaging over three times as many withdrawals per week and the site is earning well over double! We also have begun advertising campaigns on several sites to further bring in traffic, and so I am excited about our site’s growth potential.

Here are some things to be excited for on here that are going on currently:

  1. 15% survey bonus on CPX, Theorem Reach, Your Surveys, and Revenue Wall until the end of October!
  2. Do you remember Duck Hunt from Nintendo? Go to the arcade and hunt some ducks in our monthly tournament!
  3. We have donated almost $100 to charity! Help us get to $100 by the end of the month when we will begin supporting a new charity: ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. If you have an idea for a charity to support, please comment below!

The next major site project is adding a few features to the Crypto Pirates game! We have begun work on adding a “Harbor” for your ships and work on a treasure hunt “Collectible” item game. With LPs you can redeem them for various Pirate items, that will add Gold Coins to your account or Naval Power!

Also, we are looking for a more catchy name to our Crypto Pirates game. Please comment below with some name suggestions that we could use! If we get a bunch of good names, we will have a voting contest. If we select your name, you will receive a 20,000 GT prize.

Thanks for reading and visiting! Enjoy this promo code redeemable until the end of the month: Crossbones

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Latest News and Special Promo

This is the latest email that has been sent to FaucetGamers. It is on a slow periodic drip delivery, so you may not receive it for a few days. Anyhow, here it is:

Hi, FaucetGamers!

Your voices have been heard! As most of you may already know, at FaucetGamers, you can do so much more than just earn crypto. For instance, we want to be an earning community that is generous by giving to others and not just our site users. Until the end of October, we will be raising money for Charity Water, a non-profit dedicated to supplying clean drinking water to people around the world. However, in November we will begin supporting a different cause that has been voiced by active site members in the chat. To this date, our users have dedicated over 130,000 Game Tokens / Gold Coins out of their own kindness.

Now for the even more exciting part, I have spoken with CPX-Research, and they are going to help support our charity effort by offering our users 10% extra in earnings in exchange for another 10% going to charity. That is 10% more for you and 10% of the survey value for Charity Water during our promo period lasting Monday, October 4 through Saturday, October 16.

We are very excited to be able to offer this to you and very thankful to CPX for allowing it to happen. Let’s get busy and show CPX some love during this time. While the promo runs, we plan on showing a way to track the giving on the Home Page. If you would like to give anytime to our charity causes, please checkout Generous Piracy on our Crypto Pirates Sailing page.

Speaking of Crypto Pirates, our game has really taken off! The daily bounties have grown bigger and bigger which means more money to anyone playing in the Crypto Pirates game that has at least a moderate “Fleet” of ships. If you haven’t tried it out, come in, buy a ship, and watch it grow even more. The bounties come from a fractional percentage of all money earned by the site, so as the site grows, it will too. There will be some new features added in coming months, so stay tuned.

Remember to watch for new games that come out on the arcade page. We have some great ones lined up for the next few months’ competitions. Also, a referral contest should be coming in November, then a Christmas promo contest, so stay tuned for lots of fun earning opportunities coming your way.

Finally, we have also added promotion codes. Come by the chat and ask for the welcome code if it is your first time in the chat. There is lots of great information in there as well as fun times. We drop random chat only promo codes there and also on Twitter and Facebook, so find / follow us on there.

For those faithful enough to read to the end here, if you come chat and talk to our dedicated chat moderator Shoan. He will send you a direct message with a special promo code.

If life is a game, let’s make it a co-op.

All the best,

Mr. Brightside

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Loyalty Point & Pool Changes

Hey, all! I have been working on a lot of little ways to improve the site behind the scenes. One of the biggest areas that can be improved is user retention. In order to do that, I have made several changes in the Loyalty Point reward structure and decided to increase the Pirate pool to maybe encourage some new members to become Pirates. Here is a summary of the most recent changes:

  • New users will have the first five days that they are registered free from losing any Loyalty Points (LPs).
  • Users with less than 100 LPs will only lose 5 per day instead of 10 per day for site inactivity (not doing an offer in a given day).
  • The passive game Pirate Pool now grows at a 20% faster rate compared to its old base rate. 
  • To offset these changes cost wise, we are increasing the minimum LP numbers to get 100% faucet and 10% bonus on offerwalls to 200 LPs instead of 100 LPs. This is progressive so for every 2 LPs you earn your faucet claim will go up 1% and offerwall bonus will go up 0.1%. You can track your current bonus rates on the home page: 

Active users would commonly achieve max faucet and offerwall boost percentages within the first week. I figured that a bit more of a challenge wouldn’t hurt. Those who have been around the site for awhile commonly have over 1000 LPs, so this won’t have any negative impact on those loyal to and active on the site. (more…)

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June News – Pirate Game…

There are so many changes that I am excited to tell you about on FaucetGamers. WIthout being too verbose here they go in no particular order:

  1. You can now withdrawal 5 cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, ADA (Cardano), ALGO, and DOGE. Please see the withdrawal page for details.
  2. Lootably offerwall has been added which features Loot.TV, which is very similar to Hideout.TV to earn from watching videos passively.
  3. Stay tuned for the Pirate game in July. It likely will officially set sail mid to late July! Remember, you can have at most 500,000 GTs saved up for it. The rest will be converted into Gold Coins (new withdrawable currency) at a preannounced date. We will give you an automatic 25% bonus in coins in excess of 500,000 GTs during this roll over time (however these coins will no longer be eligible for the tokens back withdrawal bonus). You will receive a week warning before the roll over will take place. For more details of the game, see April’s news post here.
  4. The new arcade of the month is launching today. A fun Pirate-themed spin on “Blackjack”. Enjoy!

Changes hopefully for the better are coming and have ahpp

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