New Stat & Achievement Center

I’m sure you will notice it, but we added a new section to the home page that shows a user some additional stats and allows them to claim bonuses for completing various tasks on the website. Here is a quick summary of it:

– Displays a light indicator that shows whether your Loyalty Points are safe or are at risk from not completing an offer today.
– Shows your current offer and faucet Loyalty Bonus.
– Shows your number of referrals and their total earnings
– Contains 5 challenges that you can complete and claim!

Don’t forget Ms Tapman biweekly arcade tournament ends this Friday, July 31! Frogger is the next arcade game that will be added to play for the biweekly high score competition. We are also going to cut the entry costs on this and future arcade game contests to 200 GTs.

Have fun earning!

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What a week! Some Beta Issues

Hey! It was an exciting week at FaucetGamers. This week we set a record number for new users, withdrawals, and active users in a day!
We wrapped up Bubble Trouble tourny with xXGraveXx winning once more! We kicked of Ms. Pacman competition, and we still have the YourSurvey promotion going on for one more day.

Today, we added a site with information about my two personal favorite online places to store crypto:

I do apologize for a brief site outage today as there was some problem with Cloudflare that caused a bunch of sites to go down including Discord. You can read the details about it here

We also are still working the bugs out of the “Lottery”. Sometimes people get paid double, and sometimes I have to manually restart it. However, it should run smoothly soon (hopefully). Remember, we still are in Beta here. 

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Site updates and Your Surveys promo week!

Hey, all! Just in case you missed or did not get the update email. Here is a quick summary of it. Lots of good stuff happening here. We just broke a site record for most users earning over 100 GTs in offers in a day today! Exciting times.

Here are the updates:

  1. This week running until Saturday, July 18 at the end of the day UTC time. We are boosting all “Your Surveys” completions by 500 GTs! For this week, you can get 7000 GTs base per survey plus up to a 10% loyalty bonus (1% per 10 Loyalty Points that you have up to 100 LPs).
  2.  Tap Research Surveys have been added to our Offerwall section. For those of you that like Theorem Reach, this works just the same! You get paid some even if you don’t finish a full survey because of disqualification.
  3. Wednesday, July 15 ends our Bubble Trouble Game Competition. Get your high score while you can! Thursday will start our next game competition and run until the end of the July. We will be featuring Ms. Tapman (a Pacman variant)! Hone in those skills with our Mr. Pacman game that is always there to play for GTs.
  4. Frogger is coming for our first Arcade game competition in August!
  5. Production on the “Passive Pirate” game for additional passive earning has begun! I will try to keep updated with game progress on
  6. We now have 3 awesome promo banners for our site. Use them to get some referrals to earn even more! Go here to check them out.

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Passive Pirates! New promo & earning opportunities

Hey guys, I am excited to update you on some site news:
1. After many votes, our new game theme will be Pirates! The game will take several months to develop, and I’m not promising any date. However, it will be the site’s priority.

2. There is 25% Bonus opportunity on all AdGem offers running July 3 12:00 AM EST to July 6 11:59 PM EST. Any offers started during this period will count for the promo. Lots of game apps to try out there!

3. I added another passive earning opportunity for all countries in the video section. Engaged Hits is a product of JungleOfferWall that promises to give you 52 GTs for 10 videos. You can even watch them in another browser tab.

4. Tap Research Surveys are coming within the next week or two.

5. A new arcade competition is up featuring Bubble Trouble, a game where you pop bubbles before they pop you. Should be fun and relatively easy to get a top score!

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